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Global Concentrating Solar Power Updates丨CSP Focus Monthly March 2020

2020.03.31     From: CSP Focus Monthly

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*Global CSP Project Updates*

SUPCON SOLAR released the latest six-month operation data of Delingha 50MW CSP plant

The total DNI of the past half year was 1055.69kWh/m2 and the converted electricity was 74.87GWh (67.09GWh has been delivered to the grid) with an average fulfilment rate of 97.06%. The first quarter of 2020 witnessed extraordinary accomplishments of the plant with consecutive fulfilment rate over 100%, which was the top performance among its peers.

China Yumen launch a new 2200MW PV-CSP integrated solar power project

Yumen government signed the Agreement to develop a new integrated power project including 2000MW PV and 200MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants in the middle of March this year, with the partners East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, ENERGY CHINA and Jiangsu XinChen CSP Co., Ltd.

Shouhang bags another 100MW CSP Tower project in China

Shouhang High-Tech takes over the Jinta 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project which is one of  China first batch of 20 pilot CSP projects from the previous investor, China Three Gorges New Energy Co., Ltd, and the project will be restarted and expecting final COD before Dec 30th 2021.

Cerro Dominador, the first solar thermal power plant in Latin America, hoists its receiver at 220 meters high

Cerro Dominador: Concentrated solar power is an 'ideal technology for Chile'

The Cerro Dominador thermosolar project, owned by EIG Global Energy Partners and built by Abengoa and Acciona in the Atacama desert in Chile, has starred, in recent weeks, one of the key milestones before its next entry into operation: lifting installation of your solar receiver at 220 meters high. It was located in the highest part of the central tower of the complex, which is surrounded by 10,600 heliostats.

World first “solar hydro” plant in Victoria gets backing from ARENA, AGL

The company behind the technology, RayGen Resources, said on Thursday it had locked in $3 million in funding from ARENA, to test the technical and commercial feasibility of its concentrated solar and thermal storage technology – or “solar hydro” – that uses mostly mirrors and water to generate power and heat.

Chile to build a 1,007MW CSP-PV integrated solar power project

Successful restart of heat exchanger production in China – the world’s largest solar thermal plant overcoming coronavirus

*CSP Market & Study Share*

Ghenova and CAPSUN Technologies jointly developed SPIRE project, taking integrated PV & CSP solar technology

Ghenova and CAPSUN Technologies have jointly developed the SPIRE project, a disruptive technology that integrates the best features of Photovoltaic Plants (PV) and Concentrated Solar Plants (CSPs). The concept is simple: by means of a selective optical filter, the light spectrum is divided. The filter allows the efficient passage of the radiation used by the photovoltaic panel (mainly visible light) while reflecting 40% of the energy.

Prefabricated Fresnel collectors used in Spanish SHIP plants

Ecotherm, an Austrian provider of steam and heat transfer solutions, is now offering concentrating solar systems based on the Linear Fresnel collector technology that it acquired from its former business partner Fresnex. While Fresnex delivered the 200 m2 solar field for this project, its partner company put up the steam unit and was in charge of integrating the entire system on site.

Breakthrough Solar System Uses Recycled Aluminum to Store Energy—Without Batteries

“Batteries are very expensive to store power for a 24 hour period,” says Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio, the Swedish energy startup that has potentially solved this problem for good. “If you want to store a lot of renewable energy, the most cost efficient way of storing this is thermal energy.”

Simulation Tool Detects Efficiencies of Solar Power Plants

Burnt By The Sun: Uzbekistan's Spectacular Solar Furnace

Using CSP to convert seawater into drinking water

New Way to Dry Cool Concentrated Solar Power Plants – with Underground Air

Cheapest is not always best: Concentrated solar power could beat lower price PV with new market rules

Concentrated Solar Power Storage for a 100% Clean Energy Southwest

*CSP Industry and Company News*

Three concentrated solar power projects of 335MW “rescued” in China

China CSP industry players are trying to “rescue” the “dead” projects. Three of the cases are made by two Chinese leading CSP project developers and EPCs---Shouhang High-Tech and SUPCON Solar, both of whom already built up CSP tower plants of their own.

DEWA opens R&D centre at Dubai concentrated solar power plant

The R&D centre of DEWA has been officially opened at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar plant in Dubai. Solar power, smart grid integration, energy efficiency and water are part of the centre’s areas of work. The facility has various internal labs, including a Solar Simulator Lab, and will be able to test different solar panel technologies outdoors.

Abengoa CSP contract signals Spanish maintenance battle

In January, pulp and biomass specialist Ence Energia y Celulosa awarded Abengoa a three-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contract for its 50 MW Termollano parabolic trough CSP plant in Puertollano, central Spain. The O&M deal represents Abengoa's first full-scope maintenance contract for a plant it has not built and is extendable for up to 13 years, the end of the plant's 25-year subsidy.

A delegation from the Egyptian national energy agency visits one of Indertec's solar thermal power plants

A delegation from the NREA visited the inPOWER Thermosolar power plant in Magtel (Seville). The Egyptian delegation was made up of 5 Engineers and Directors of the NREA solar thermal energy laboratories. The visit is framed within the UNIDO project for the development of solar energy in Egypt. This delegation is visiting several European countries in order to carry out different training modules, having special interest in seeing solar applications in industrial processes.

Speaking opportunity OPEN for 10th Annual CSP Focus China 2020 May 20-21 Beijing

Speaking opportunity OPEN for CSP Focus MENA 2020 June 23-24 Dubai

Tough work to turn the bucket: Aalborg CSP's order book abounds again

Saudi Arabia to shortlist bidders for second solar round

Abu Dhabi Turns To Solar For Future Power Needs

SaltX's Chinese partner initiate the construction of a pilot plant

ARCI's cost-effective technology can convert solar energy to industrial process heat

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