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CSP Focus—Your Professional CSP Partner

Having been devoting to CSP industry for 6years, CSP Focus is honored to witness the progress of global CSP markets. Based in one of the most promising CSP markets—China, and foot printed in other regions like Europe, USA, India, Middle East and Africa. CSP Focus is specialized in organizing top-level conferences, business visitings, exhibitions and technical trainings, and provide CSP related market analysis and research, business matching and out sourcing, business intelligence and report,etc. Having built a good reputation and is widely acknowledged by world CSP key players, CSP Focus continues in trying best to establish the bridge between China and Global, and to assist you heart and soul in your CSP business development at the very exciting and inspiring moment for global CSP industry.

What we do

CSP Focus is specialized in organizing top-level conferences, business visit, exhibitions and technical trainings, and provide CSP related market analysis and research, business matching and outsourcing, business intelligence and report, etc.

As a member of global CSP market, CSP Focus is devoted to offering comprehensive consultancy services to all industry players. The main categories include:

  • Industry High-level Conferences focusing on some certain markets like Spain, USA, China, MENA, South Africa and India.

  • Professional CSP Seminars with the themes of technology innovation, financing and project promotion etc.

  • Training Courses especially designed for industry learners to study detailed knowledge and experience of project development, design, engineering, system integration, construction, operation & maintenance. The tutors are executive experts from global leading developer /EPC companies.

  • CSP Business Tours guide groups of industry delegation to specifically visit the local CSP operational plants, labs, R&D centers and companies in other markets.

  • Business Matching acts as the bridge to buyers and vendors locally and globally in technology transfer, product purchasing, corporate M&A etc.

  • Industry Expert Sourcing & Headhunting helps the CSP companies to hire perfect staff.

  • Consultancy services include creating CSP peer community online and offline, event marketing, industry reports, due diligence etc.


    1. 2011
    2. Nov., 2011, the first CSP Focus summit was held in Beijing for gathering global CSP industry players to share China and international CSP markets and study advanced technologies. CSP Focus China created the first commercial conference opportunity in China for global CSP industry players. Up to date, CSP Focus China is embracing its 7th annual event scheduled on Mar.23-24 in 2017.

    1. 2012
    2. Sept., 2012, CSP Focus created another pattern to bridge cross-border communication---CSP Business Tour. Led by CSP Focus, groups of Chinese CSP delegation visited the operational CSP plants, CSP labs and R&D centers in Spain and USA. At the time of learning experience from overseas counterparts, they developed deep cooperation and friendship in a long run.

    1. 2014
    2. From the year of 2014, CSP Focus expands globally by entering into other emerging CSP markets like India, MENA, South Africa and Chile. Cooperating with the local CSP experts, CSP Focus organizes CSP industry summits, matches Chinese delegation to local partners during business tours…

    1. 2016
    2. Jan., 2016, to fulfill the demand of Chinese CSP players to systematically learn overseas plant development, EPC and O&M, CSP Focus initiates CSP Training Course. The tutor team is formed of Spanish CSP experts with rich experience in CSP project development, engineering and O&M ever working in world leading CSP developers/EPCs.

    1. Vision & Mission
    2. Vision & Mission

      Having built a good reputation and is widely acknowledged by world CSP key players, CSP Focus continues in trying best to establish the bridge between China and Global, and to assist you heart and soul in your CSP business development at the very exciting and inspiring moment for global CSP industry.

    1. Social Responsibility
    2. Social Responsibility

      CSP, a high-efficient way of generating power from the sun, could contribute a lot to the sustainable development of global economy and environment protection. Though facing some obstacles and challenges since the start-up, CSP industry peers could persistently devote to such an amazing course. CSP Focus, as a world leading media and consultancy, is honored to witness the up-and-downs of global CSP market, and will spare no efforts in creating platforms of communication and study, acting as the bridge to Chinese and overseas counterparts, and delivering the industry news and information.

    1. Corporate Culture
    2. Corporate Culture

      CSP Focus is a team of young professionals with full enthusiasm in CSP industry. We cherish every moment of communicating with the industry customers: jointly solve problems, offer tailored solutions, and celebrate every success… Based on mutual trust and support, we are quite delighted to be your professional CSP partner.

Partner & Customer

CSP Focus has been keeping in good relationship with most of global CSP industry leaders and players including policy regulators, CSP project developer/EPCs, investors, key component and material manufacturers, service and technology providers etc. 

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  • Full capacity test a success for concentrated solar power plant in China

    The country’s first 100-megawatt molten salt concentrating solar thermal power plant in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu province, has successfully generated power while operating at full capacity.Nearly 20 hours of operating records show the systems at the concentrated solar power plant have been normal and stable. The facility also set a new record by generating over 1.8 million kilowatt-hour

  • DEWA launches tender for 900MW 5th phase of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has issued a tender for the 5th phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park for 900 megawatts (MW) of electricity using photovoltaic solar panels, based on the Independent Power Project (IPP) model. This move supports the objectives of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to provide 75% of Dubai’s total power output from clean energy by 2050

  • Speaker list and agenda released--CSP Focus MENA 2019 Jun.26-27 Dubai

    The 8th annual CSP Focus China 2018 Conference is going to be held on Mar.22-23 in Beijing. Asthe most influential CSP event in China and in the world, the organizerCSP Focus have invited representatives from the worlds core CSP markets, including China, Europe and the United States, Middle East and North Africa, Chile, Australia, and other Asian regions, to participate in the CSP industry grand m

  • Start-Up VC Invests in Beam-Down Concentrator for Solar Fuel

    Model of the the Wahaj Solar pre-commercial pilot that will measure 10m across to provide heat around 1,000°C “Our “back of the envelop” communication with researchers is that the US $3 per gallon of gasoline equivalent (GGE) per kilogram of hydrogen could be obtainable,” said Al Maaitah, whose start-up VC invests in the beam-down solar concentrator to be tested in the UAE.Of the four

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  • Kuwait Shagaya 50MW Parabolic Trough CSP Project

    Kuwait Environment Innovative Renewable Energy Research program (IRE) Shagaya RE ParkThree phases of the Shagaya RE Master PlanPhase One-- Shagaya RE ProjectThe 50MW CSP Parabolic Trough Plant

  • Dubai 950MW NOOR Energy 1 CSP+PV Project

    Updating--Apr., 2019 Edition12 pages in total1. Overview (P2-3)2. Fact sheet (P4)3. Project Milestones (P5-6)4. Investment and Cost Breakdown (P8)5. Project Participants 5.1. Developer ‐‐‐ Noor Energy 1 (P9) 5.2. Owner & Investor ‐‐‐ Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) (P9) 5.3. Owner & Investor ‐‐‐ ACWA Power (P9) 5.4. Owner & Investor ‐‐‐ Silk Road Fu

  • Morocco NOOR Ouarzazate 510MW CSP Project Report

    Updating--Feb., 2019 Edition20 pages in totalLocated in Ouarzazate Morocco, NOOR Ouarzazate (NOORo) is one of the biggest solar energy complex in the world. Consisting of four phases, NOORo project is part of Moroccan Renewable Energy Plan, which aims to 42% of RE installed capacity in national energy mix in 2020, and 52% in 2030 in Morocco. The NOORo I, II and III are CSP projects, with total cap

  • Suppliers List of China Key CSP Projects (Updating)

    13 key concentrated solar power projects in China undergoing:Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Parabolic Trough ProjectRoyal Tech Yumen 50MW Parabolic Trough ProjectDCTC Dunhuang 50MW MS CLFR ProjectRayspower Yumen 50MW Trough ProjectCNNC Royal Tech Urad 100MW Parabolic Trough ProjectSupcon Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower ProjectLuNeng Haixi 50 MW Solar Thermal Tower Plant ProjectPower C

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