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4th CSP Focus MENA 2019

Registration / Get brochureTIME:2019.06.26-27

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This conference had been successfully held on June 26-27, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. If you would like to join the upcoming CSP Focus MENA event, please visit http://mena.cspfocus.cn/en/


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Advantages, Challenges and Potential Solutions for CSP's Development in MENA Countries - CSP System

MENA regions own excellent DNI resources, drives of getting rid of traditional fuels and ambitions

of energy revolution. As a dispatchable power source, how CSP contribute to this region? What are

the benefits this technology could bring to the markets? What obstacles and challenges it is facing

with and what are the solutions? In the future, how to develop CSP in this market, and how is CSP’s

non-electricity utilization prospect?

Advantages, Challenges and Potential Solutions for CSP's Development in MENA Countries - CSP Market

Every market has its own challenges when developing CSP projects. UAE is accelerating the construction of

NOOR Energy 1 CSP project, questions arise such as pressure from low tariff, short construction period,

logistics challenges…etc. Morocco has done very well in the past years but how to cooperate better with

developers in CSP project promotion? Other countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt…, what are

their own problems if CSP be taken into consideration?

Hybrid Plants with Energy Storage

Combination of Solar PV+ CSP has been proposed as a novel solution for low cost dispatchable

power source, such as Dubai’s NOOR Energy 1 project and Morocco’s NOOR Midelt project. Is it

the trend that CSP will develop? What are problems for CSP+PV hybrid plant and how to overcome?

How is the cost? How to balance the scale to reach the optimum economic benefit? How about other

renewables to be hybridized with CSP plus storage? Their strengths, difficulties and opportunities.

Increase CSP's Bankability

It is important that MENA CSP projects to receive financial support from bankers. WB, EIB, Silk Road

Fund…and many other investors have assist in RE project promoting but there are still lot of questions. What

are the concerns when offering a loan? How project developers collaborate with investors to eliminate their

worries? Besides traditional financing, are there any new mechanisms to receive financing support such as

green bond…etc.?

Part of Attending Companies

MENAClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)
MENAEU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network
MENAKhalifa University of Science and Technology
MENAMiddle East Solar Industry Association
MENANew and Renewable Energy Authority

MENAACWA Power & Noor Energy 1
MENADPI Ingenierie
MENASaudi Electricity Company
MENAShams Power Company/Masdar
EUEDF Renewables
EUENGIE International Power SA
EUTSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH
ChinaBeijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
ChinaChina Energy Engineering Group Hunan Power Construction Co.,Ltd.
ChinaJilin Yuanda Construction & Installation Engineering Co.,Ltd.
ChinaPowerchina International Group
ChinaRoyal Tech CSP
ChinaShanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd – Dubai Branch
ChinaShanghai Electric Power Generation Engineering Co.
ChinaZhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Engineering/Technology/System Integration
EUECILIMP Termosolar
EUESE Engineering Services for Energy S.r.l.
EUsbp sonne gmbh
EUSPG Dry Cooling
EUSuntrace GmbH
ChinaBluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd
ChinaEast China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
America247 Solar
AmericaSolarSteam Inc.


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